August 19, 2012

Yearly Conformation Photo

Every fall, I take a conformation photo of Rose to compare her to the day I brought her home. I used to do the photos about the same day in the end of September every year. However, I discovered that in Montana her winter coat starts growing in sooner, so I've had to up the photo shoot by a month. Without further adieu here is the side by side...

Two Years Old, October 2009

Five Years Old, August 2012
She's definitely grown up a tad!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. It's soooooo much fun to watch them grow isn't it?? I think I'm going to miss it when Chrome is full grown lol.

    Rose looks amazing! I love her. Would it be possible to post your picture from every year instead of just the two year old and current one? It would be so cool to see one from each year all together in one post. :D

  2. It is absolutely fascinating to watch them grow, I love the pictures.

    I was wondering the sme as achieve1dream could you post all the pictures from each year? x

  3. She looks amazing! Her muscling looks good - lovely mare :)



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