August 15, 2012

A little here, a little there

All I can say is that given everything Rose is amazing. Due to visitors and miscellaneous obligations Rose ended up with nearly two weeks off again. At long last I managed to make it to the barn yesterday and get in some pony time. I am hoping that with summer winding down I'll be able to get back onto some sort of riding schedule.

At any rate, Rose was wonderful.  You would never know she had any time off. She was calm and sweet and completely happy to work. I have to say that is one of the things I love about her. You can let her be for a while and then pick right up where you left off. It is a total Gatsby quality. In addition to riding, I finally manage to have enough time to also pull her mane. It had been about four or five months since I last pulled it (due to giant belly and then newborn) and it was very long...about eight inches. I had hoped to bathe her as well but ran out of time. Hopefully I can tackle that after my next ride!


  1. Glad that Rose is such a good mare! I just watched your video schooling Training Level and you both look lovely.

  2. Rose is awesome!! I love the kind of horses that you can give a break and then pick right up where you left off. :D



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