June 20, 2012

In which Rose continues to get fat

In the week I was away Rose managed to procure a swollen right hind fetlock, two inflamed splints,  three sizable skinned spots, several small cuts, one long one on her rump, many superficial bite marks, and a huge chunk out of each hind hoof. My guess, based on physical evidence on both her and the kick wall of the run in shed, is that she and her neighbor Lucy have been fighting over who is dominant across the fence in the shed. Sheesh! Mares.

The major damage:
Left Hind Hoof
Right Hind Hoof
Left Hind

Right Hind
Swollen Fetlock (suspensory ligament possibly?)
Superficial cut on rump
Big bite mark on chest
Aside from the obvious, it was exceptionally disappointing to discover her injuries (particularly the swollen fetlock) because I was intending to ride. Hubs had managed to make time in his day for me to go to the barn. I treat these rare occasions as gold these days. However, given the fetlock and how much hoof was missing I thought a ride was a bad idea. Luckily my farrier was scheduled to come tomorrow so after he fixes her feet I'll see if her pastern swelling has subsided and potentially ride.

Since I had the time, I gave Rose a very badly needed bath, doctored her up, and organize the exceptionally neglected tack room in my trailer. I did not return her to her dry lot, but rather put her back in the pasture with the other mares. All were thrilled with the reunion.

She clearly needs to be in a herd, and not left alone to her own devices in a dry lot. So that brings me back to the problem of her being fat. The only thing I could think of was to try out a grazing muzzle. For now she is stuffing her face, but tomorrow when she gets her feet done I will be introducing her to her new diet device. I recall the difficulties that Andrea had with Gogo, so I'm anticipating that she won't get it right away. We shall see. Hopefully it will work!

 *On a side note, I was a bit concerned about turning her right back out on the grass. In the end I figured it would likely be fine as she's only been off it one week, and I need to be less neurotic about these things. Any thoughts? Should I have been neurotic and transitioned her back onto it instead? I'm curious to hear others opinions on that.


  1. Oh my goodness! Look at poor Rose! Hope the fetlock swelling goes down quick!!
    It does look like Rose is very happy to be back out with the herd!!
    I wouldn't be concerned about turning her back out on grass after only a week. Now if it was a couple weeks, I would have transitioned her a little bit. She should be fine! It will be interesting to see how she handles her new diet device!!

  2. Love the moment at the end where the two friends stood side by side surveying their world.

    1. That was my thought as well!

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  4. Yeah I don't think a week will hurt her as far as transitioning. She is much happier in her herd (most horses are lol). I hope the muzzle works out for her. :) I'm glad to see she doesn't appear to be in pain from her injuries at least (such a beautiful mover!). Silly girl! Doesn't she know better than to worry her mamma?



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