June 25, 2012

Grazing muzzle fail

Well, Rose and GoGo must be kindred spirits. I spent a half hour showing her how to get grass through the muzzle and all that was accomplished was her becoming utterly frustrated and aerating the lawn. Meh! She continues to get fat in the pasture. At least the swelling in her leg has gone away and her hooves are fixed and miss chubby cheeks is sound to ride. That's something at least.

"Hey this thing doesn't have any grain in it. What's with that?"

"Get it off! I must eat grass. I am starving to death!"

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Oh my. A lot of bloggers have grazing muzzles for horses. I've never really seen one in use tho. Thankfully Pippi doesn't need one, I'd feel bad.

  2. I am thankful my mare is staying trim this summer due to full work...but in the event she can't work...I can already hear her cussing me out if I have to put a grazing muzzle on her!

  3. Poor girl! It is an adjustment. Are you going to try again? When I used one years ago we left it on a whole day before she figured out she could graze in it. :) Just check it frequently for rubs (mine was different from yours so it might not be such a problem for you).



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