June 8, 2012

Finding the time

Finding time to ride is almost as difficult as getting back into shape. Actually,  no, it is harder. I made it to the barn twice this week. Once when my in-laws were here and once when I hired one of my students to babysit. Initially I thought finding time to ride would be easy, as I had planned on just leaving Jr. with Hubs for a few hours during the day, ideally post feed and during a nap. The reality is such that Hubs works from home and at the moment has a huge workload and Jr. doesn't predictably nap yet. Nor does he nap for long if you set him down. Hubs workload means he can't spare three hours in the middle of the day to hold Jr. Meh. Enter babysitter MC. She did a great job and didn't break Jr. Unfortunately I can't afford to pay for babysitting four days a week. Rock / hard place. I guess I will have to lower my riding frequency expectations until Jr. is on a more manageable schedule for Hubs.

Our third ride was good. Rose worked really hard for 30 minutes. We are both getting back in shape little by little. I worked on a ton of two point to help tone up my core and strengthen my legs, and Rose trotted her chubby butt off. I am happy to report that cantering feels normal again. I think it just felt weird due to my jello-y joints. As part of Rose's fitness plan, Miss chunky monkey has been pulled from her pasture and dry lotted. This had to happen anyway so the hay can grow, but I swear she's put on 50 lbs in the past couple weeks alone. She litteraly has fat deposits on her back and neck that showed up over the weekend. I like my hunters plump but not obese for goodness sake! One step at a time, but we'll be fit again in no time.

Rose gets the next week off though, as we are headed to my family's lake house and Jr. will get to go for his first boat ride. Woo-hoo!


  1. Gosh! Mine are obese too! You are doing great with Rose & Jr! No need to rush anything :) Love that you are back in the saddle though! whoop whoop!!!

  2. TOTALLY know the feeling, my horse is not as far as yours and I still have a really hard time finding time to get out there just to even check on her. I always feel bad carting my kid of to someone else. She is almost 2 now so we are getting closer to the time she can come out with me (gotta get her a small horse to pony behind me!) Cant wait! Hope your hubby finishes his busy time soon!

  3. Sounds like you're going to have tons of fun with your son at the lake. :D

    I'll keep my fingers crossed he settles into a good sleeping pattern so your hubby can watch him for you. I know you must be dying for more riding time. Hang in there!



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