April 29, 2012

Beauty Parlor

We are still waiting for Jr. to decide and make his debut. The little guy is 9 days late so far, which unfortunately just killed the schooling showing plans I had for June. Oh well. I doubt I'd fit back into my decent schooling show clothes that soon anyway. We'll just have to plan on the July shows instead and probably not do a recognized show until August or September. In all reality I doubt I'd fit back into my real show clothes until the end of summer anyway. We shall see.

Since I'm still waiting on baby's arrival, I've been trying to fill my time up doing anything I can to keep my mind off of his late arrival and avoid obsessing over any potential signals that labor might be on it's way. Much easier said than done. Unfortunately I didn't procrastinate on things in terms of baby prep so there isn't really anything I can do to that end. However, since I've been sewing everything under the moon for the baby (swaddle blankets, peepee teepee's, baby sling, etc.) and have run out of things to make for him, I am now debating trying my hand at sewing some saddle pads. Maybe if I'm still pregnant tomorrow I will tackle that endeavor.

In the mean time, today I decided to head to the barn and play beauty parlor with my girl. Despite snow the past two days, the weather had been in the upper 70's all last week so Rose shed out a bunch. She's almost to her glossy summer coat, which is exciting to see. I snapped a couple photos of her on my phone. Please forgive the poor quality. While digging through my purse in the barn parking lot I realized that my good camera was already packed in my hospital bag. Doh!

It also occurred to me while looking at her that she's a tad butt-high again! I have a feeling my girl, whom no one thought would actually make it to her current predicted height of 16.2h, might actually keep growing. Gatsby is after all 17h, so she very well may grow another inch over time, which would be perfectly fine with me and my long legs. Also, she is starting to finally get a good neck on her and is growing into her wither, despite being out of work. I can't wait to see how her neck develops once we are back into full work again!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Ooooh go for it! I love making saddle pads, cuz you can make it any color or pattern under the sun you want. Just be sure to use the heavy cotton twill for at least the underside to give it some support, and the less quilting, the better, lol! I went crazy quilting one pad...never again! It was such a headache. Hope baby decides to come soon!

  2. what an absolutely beautiful mare! I've been eyeing a grey down in Texas. if only if only. I really enjoy your blog! will def be keeping tabs on it! hope baby comes soon!

  3. She looks so beautiful and the bigger the better!
    Hope baby makes an appearance soon!!

  4. She looks great!! Congrats on the baby.

  5. THANK YOU!!! Thanks for the links! I am a nervous freaking wreck for her to trailer that far! Hope it goes well for her. I will probably have a million questions. She is going 5 hours north/west of you.

  6. Rose is so beautiful. So exciting that she's still growing. :D

    I have a friend who makes saddle pads and they are totally awesome!!! She makes all sorts of themes and designs. I don't know what pattern she uses, but I've been wanting to find out.

  7. OMG I saw a baby picture! I have to get caught up on your blog. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comment about Chrome's sixth ride. It made me feel so much better. I was feeling really discouraged, but I finally went back and watched the video and he actually did really well. I was just being hard on myself and expecting him to be perfect because my farrier was there and had brought a friend I had never met! I just need to not ride in front of people for a while LOL! Thanks again. You're awesome!



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