April 6, 2012

Bath Day!

It was in the upper 60ºF's on Wednesday and my work load was low so I decided to seize the opportunity to spend mid-day at the barn and wash Miss Thing. She was well behaved in the cross ties again, which made me very happy, and then was a very good girl in the wash stall. I'm only surprised about that since she hasn't had a bath since September or October. It was so nice to finally get her clean and to wash that tail of hers. Unfortunately, as I discovered after the bath, she's in heat. I discovered this while she suddenly decided to make a display for a nearby gelding and pee on her nicely washed tail. Ugh. Oh well...at least the rest of her is still clean.

Pre-bath: Dirty Girl

Post Bath: Clean Girl
For some reason I thought a before and after bath photo might be interesting to see. Like there might be some miraculous difference in her appearance after her bath. Quite frankly, because Rose doesn't roll, she never gets very dirty, so there really isn't a big difference to be had between the photos. One nice thing to see though, is that even though she is standing on a downhill slant she's not looking all that down hill/but high anymore. I'm excited about doing our confirmation shots later this spring once she's shed out just to compare how much more uphill she is now that she's matured.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. LOL! I love doing before and after bath shots too. :D Chrome usually stays pretty clean, but when he decides to play in the bond he can get pretty nasty, so there's a difference sometimes. Have you ever tried rinsing her with vinegar after a bath? It makes them so shiny and soft and helps keep bugs away too. :D I love it. I bought a garden sprayer (for attaching to a water hose and spraying fertilizer/weed killer/etc.) and put vinegar in it and attach it to the hose to rinse him with. I did a post on it recently if you want to check it out. He was so shiny! She looks fantastic by the way. I can't wait to see her conformation pictures.



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