April 29, 2012

Beauty Parlor

We are still waiting for Jr. to decide and make his debut. The little guy is 9 days late so far, which unfortunately just killed the schooling showing plans I had for June. Oh well. I doubt I'd fit back into my decent schooling show clothes that soon anyway. We'll just have to plan on the July shows instead and probably not do a recognized show until August or September. In all reality I doubt I'd fit back into my real show clothes until the end of summer anyway. We shall see.

Since I'm still waiting on baby's arrival, I've been trying to fill my time up doing anything I can to keep my mind off of his late arrival and avoid obsessing over any potential signals that labor might be on it's way. Much easier said than done. Unfortunately I didn't procrastinate on things in terms of baby prep so there isn't really anything I can do to that end. However, since I've been sewing everything under the moon for the baby (swaddle blankets, peepee teepee's, baby sling, etc.) and have run out of things to make for him, I am now debating trying my hand at sewing some saddle pads. Maybe if I'm still pregnant tomorrow I will tackle that endeavor.

In the mean time, today I decided to head to the barn and play beauty parlor with my girl. Despite snow the past two days, the weather had been in the upper 70's all last week so Rose shed out a bunch. She's almost to her glossy summer coat, which is exciting to see. I snapped a couple photos of her on my phone. Please forgive the poor quality. While digging through my purse in the barn parking lot I realized that my good camera was already packed in my hospital bag. Doh!

It also occurred to me while looking at her that she's a tad butt-high again! I have a feeling my girl, whom no one thought would actually make it to her current predicted height of 16.2h, might actually keep growing. Gatsby is after all 17h, so she very well may grow another inch over time, which would be perfectly fine with me and my long legs. Also, she is starting to finally get a good neck on her and is growing into her wither, despite being out of work. I can't wait to see how her neck develops once we are back into full work again!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

April 25, 2012

Navigating eBay saddle sale

Yea! Someone bought my saddle on eBay! Now what do I do?


Like most of us, I have made many a tack purchase on eBay. However, this is the first time I've ever sold anything on eBay. After a few days of waiting for the buyer to pay for the saddle, I finally emailed them and discovered that they did indeed pay right away, however when I changed my last name after getting married my eBay and Pay Pal did not completely sync. So when the pending payment never showed up in my Pay Pal account I just assumed that they were taking their time to pay. Not the case. The buyer's payment was floating around in the cyberspace. Eventually this morning I emailed the buyer, they got right back to me telling me that they paid on Sunday. Doh! What was going on? Eventually, I got it all sorted out and mailed the saddle off to the buyer this afternoon. I feel so bad that I didn't get it off of Monday, as the payment was made on Sunday. All I can do at this point is hope that she understands the name change snafu on my end and doesn't leave me a bad review. :( Definite learning curve to be had.

My advice to anyone selling anything for the first time on eBay: make sure you link all your accounts before anyone tries to buy your goods. At the very least, this gave me something to do in my waiting for baby to arrive boredom. Need more things to do...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

April 22, 2012

The Down Side of Vaccinations

First and foremost, let me state the fact that I think the new blogger interface sucks.

Moving on...

Saturday was one of those days where it started looking like everything just might go wrong. The day started out innocent enough. It was one of those beautiful spring Montana morning that is crisp, yet something in the air promises that it is going to turn into a nice hot comfortable day. An eBay bidder had questions regarding my BDH saddle that morning, so I needed to run to the barn and pick up the saddle so that I could take some measurements. I was never so glad that I had decided to heave my 40+ weeks pregnant body out there. When I arrived I found Rose looking rather sullen and not her usual her boss mare self.

Sad mare
I haltered her up and immediately checked her injection sites from Thursday. Sure enough both sides showed swelling, the left side being the worst and most concerning to me.
Right side - 7-way Vaccination
Left side - Rabies Vaccination
Now, it is normal for horses to have a bit of swelling after a vaccination. I would consider the swelling on her right side in the realm of normal. However, I have never seen Rose swell up as much as she did on her left side. The swelling was a solid 6" diameter. It was also extremely sore. The very first time I ran my hand over it in the paddock was the last time. After that she wouldn't let me come within one foot of the injection site. She would literally start shaking when I got near it.

This was not normal post vaccination swelling in my book, and my mind immediately raced to a near fatal vaccination incident that happened to a horse I was working with about three years ago. In that case the mare showed post vaccination swelling, but it wasn't anything unusual. However a week and a half later the swelling was still present and seemed to be increasing. I voiced my concerns to the owner. In the next day or two the owner reported that the mare was showing signs of stress and was rapidly getting worst. The owner immediately hauled her off to the vet. Sure enough she had developed an abscess at the injection sight and was going septic. Only through a lot of TLC and $$$ at the vet hospital did the mare recover. Even at that it was very touch and go for a few days, not knowing if she would pull through.

Recalling that scary incident I immediately called my vet. "Why do these things always happen on the weekend?" I asked myself. As the phone rang, my mind raced. I methodically started organizing the location of my trailer hitch, re-organizing my day, and rolling my eyes at the irony that this would likely be the time I finally went into labor.

Luckily my vet calmed my fears a bit and had me give Rose some bute. She would be out at my barn later that day anyway, and would take a look at Rose while she was there. Aside from that I asked the barn owner to keep a good eye on her and make sure that she was eating and not getting worse. I took a deep breath, administered the bute to Rose, and then put her back in the field. Fingers crossed I was simply over reacting due to a bad past experience and pregnancy hormones.

This morning (Sunday) I finished up a delightful homemade breakfast of Venison Eggs Benedict with Hubs and then, carrot in hand, headed out to the barn to check on Rose. I was delighted to see her eyes perky and her back to her usual self. I quickly ascertained the injection spots and there was absolutely no swelling to be seen. She let me run my hand along her right side, but her left side was still sore and concerned her. I followed up with another dose of bute, per vet's orders, groomed all but her neck and then let her back out in the paddock. As I drove away from the barn, she raced my Jeep along the fence-line on her way to meet up with the other mares grazing in the distance. She definitely feels better, and I feel a little silly.

Raspberry Leaf Tea to induce labor?
Feeling better about the situation, I headed home and my mind returned to the fact that I was still pregnant. At least now it didn't look like I would need to be dealing with a vet hospital at the same time I would be in a people hospital. I had brought home some of Rose's Dried Red Raspberry Leaves and decided to try making tea out of them. Turns out, it's pretty easy to do. I simply packed a bunch of the leaves into a tea infuser and then poured boiling water over it and let it steep. It makes a rather nice flavored dark tea. I added some honey and a little lemon for more flavor and then sat back and enjoyed. Never thought I'd be taking my horse's supplements, but if it works like magic for her marish behavior then perhaps it will convince this baby to make his debut. Could the old wives be right about this one? We shall see.

FYI: I get my Dried Raspberry Leaves for a bargain at www.herbalcom.com.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

April 19, 2012

Waiting Game

Today was spring vaccination and coggins day for Rose. We did the 7-way and rabies this time around. I'm a little anxious about giving her 7 shots in one, but on the other hand it is better than poking her a bunch of times. I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing. My concerns aside, she was her old "good" self for the vet this time, and redeemed herself from the fall vet visit. Given that I can't do much else with her, and I have the energy level of a sloth, she also got a thorough grooming session. She's still shedding out like crazy, and has a lot of ticking coming in this year. It will be interesting to she just how much she has once she's fully shed out.

So, I wait. Tomorrow is my due date and I'm anxious for the little guy to decide to make his debut so that I can start getting both Rose and I back in shape and gear up for show season. That and I'm pretty excited about the baby aspect of things too. I'm definitely ready for the next step in this whole parenthood thing! Come on out baby!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

April 11, 2012

April 10, 2012

Prego Photos with Rose

I thought it was about time to share some updated prego photos of myself with Rose. I am currently 38.5 weeks pregnant, so this little guy could come at any time (and is most welcome to). We had intended to do the photos last weekend, but the weather wasn't cooperating. Today the weather was mostly fine, but Rose wasn't too cooperative. Still we got some okay shots. So, for those of you who were wanting to see my enormous belly, here it is!

I must say, Rose is looking pretty fine and so much more filled out these days. I'm looking forward to taking her 5 year old confirmation shots on her birthday and comparing them to the previous years.

As for me, I really am as tired as I look in these photos. I knew I've been feeling tired lately, but I didn't really just how much it showed until we took these photos. Being and looking tired is something I guess I will have to get used to for a while!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

April 6, 2012

Bath Day!

It was in the upper 60ºF's on Wednesday and my work load was low so I decided to seize the opportunity to spend mid-day at the barn and wash Miss Thing. She was well behaved in the cross ties again, which made me very happy, and then was a very good girl in the wash stall. I'm only surprised about that since she hasn't had a bath since September or October. It was so nice to finally get her clean and to wash that tail of hers. Unfortunately, as I discovered after the bath, she's in heat. I discovered this while she suddenly decided to make a display for a nearby gelding and pee on her nicely washed tail. Ugh. Oh well...at least the rest of her is still clean.

Pre-bath: Dirty Girl

Post Bath: Clean Girl
For some reason I thought a before and after bath photo might be interesting to see. Like there might be some miraculous difference in her appearance after her bath. Quite frankly, because Rose doesn't roll, she never gets very dirty, so there really isn't a big difference to be had between the photos. One nice thing to see though, is that even though she is standing on a downhill slant she's not looking all that down hill/but high anymore. I'm excited about doing our confirmation shots later this spring once she's shed out just to compare how much more uphill she is now that she's matured.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


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