February 4, 2012

Product Review: Centaur OV Climate Control Polo Wraps

Some time ago I bought Rose two sets of Centaur OV Climate Control Polo Wraps, but hadn't gotten around to using them until this week. I had heard about this type of wrap when they originally came on the market and was intrigued by the idea that they would keep her legs cooler than traditional wraps, but still support them. Being a skeptic though, I was not willing to try them out at full price and knew no one with a set for me to try out. At some point they went on a ridiculous sale and I decided to give them a go, plus I needed a set of white wraps anyway. My ancient hunter green ones (from my old OTTB chestnut mare Zorra) don't look that flash on Rose, and my other pair of cobalt blue ones are falling apart. Now that Rose is back in work with HR one or two days a week, that means she's in longeline training two days a week with me and I decided to pull out the new polo wraps and put them to work.

*I had to take these photos with my phone, so sorry for the poor quality!
Rose modeling the Centaur OV Climate
Control Polo Wraps

After a good hard 30-minute longe session in side reins with lots of trot and transitions it was time to see what we had brewing under those wraps. The rest of her winter coat covered body was quite sweaty. I like what I saw when I took them off her, nice dry body temp legs. No heat and no sweat. I think the fact that they use a terry cloth material instead of polar fleece has something to do with why they stay so dry.
Post wrap & workout - dry as a bone!
My only criticism of the wraps is that they have a weird double hook & loop closure thing in place of the traditional polo wrap Velcro attachment. They also only go on one way.
Double hook & loop Velcro closure.
It took me a couple tries to figure out which side was "up" on the wrap and then how to attach the Velcro. I would suggest that the manufacturer include some sort of brief diagram or instruction to that end in the packaging. Otherwise, the product does what it says and I am pretty please with these wraps.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. I have the exkadron ones, and I really liked them in the heat this summer. I was wanting to get another (cheaper) set. Good to know these work just as well.



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