February 24, 2012

BDH (Bruno de Heusch) Saddle For Sale

Rose has been doing a funny thing with her head lately when ridden. This prompted me to check her back/withers after their ride last week. A few noticeable twitches confirmed my suspicions. My close contact saddle no longer fits her and is causing soreness in her back. I had bought the saddle about a year before I bought Rose when I was working with a different horse, and was just hoping that it would end up fitting whatever horse I bought (in all likelihood I thought I'd end up with an OTTB not a warmblood). Not to be of course. I had hoped by removing some padding that we'd be able to get by, but no longer. Now I have to do something I really don't want to do. Sell a saddle that I absolutely love and find one that fits her.

About my saddle:
Purchased new in 2008, this BDH (Bruno de Heusch) saddle still practically brand new, although lightly broken in. It has always been stored inside and cleaned frequently. The saddle is a regular tree, 17" seat, with a narrow twist and nice wide parallel gullet. The pommel is cut back so it will easily accommodate high-withered horses, like TB's. It has knee rolls and front and back knee blocks. Billets and billet covers are in perfect working order. From day one the french leather has been like butter, it is very comfortable to ride in, and is very secure over jumps. It feels just like riding in a Devocoux, PJ or Delgrange. It has been conditioned with Antares saddle conditioner, but never oiled, so the saddle has kept it's original color, so the leather could still be darkened with oil if you prefer. It's never had a nameplate on it, and there are no cuts/tears/marks. My asking price is $1000, the original sales/listing price was $2,300.

I'd also consider trading it for a like quality close-contact saddle with knee blocks and knee rolls, med-wide or wide tree, 3-4 finger wide parallel gullet, and 17" or a 17.5" seat. Brands I would consider are along the lines of a Pessoa A/O, Antares, Devocoux, CWD, or Tad Coffin.

Update 4/26/2012: The saddle is sold. Happy saddle shopping if you are still looking for a BDH.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Very pretty saddle - you should not have any trouble selling it. I am still trying to sell my Kieffer dressage saddle that Riva outgrew. Dang those warmbloods for getting wide!

  2. Lovely saddle. My butt and 17" is just a little too intimate though. I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling such a lovely saddle at a nice price like that.

  3. I hope it sells quickly for you. It looks really nice! I'm just a western-saddle-girl myself.

  4. Beautiful saddle and I normally only like all black saddles lol. I'm not in the market for one though. You've kept this one in such nice condition I'm sure you'll have no problem selling it. Good luck getting a fast sale and finding the perfect new saddle asap!!

  5. If anyone out there is curious, yes my saddle is still available for sale. Once it's sold I'll let everyone know, including taking down my craigslist ad. If you are interested please respond to my craigslist ad with a detailed message. Not a one-line spam like message. I won't respond to those. Look in the Bozeman, MT Farm & Garden section on craigslist or here on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/17-BDH-Special-Bruno-de-Heusch-Close-Contact-Medium-Tree-Regular-Flap-/200727812163?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ebc4f5843



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