February 2, 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant and Back in the Saddle

Don't tell my OB I did this. However, after my 28-week check up Wednesday, and taking that yummy glucose test and getting blood drawn I decided that I deserved a little treat, and not the edible kind. I've been going stir crazy not being able to get on Rose's back. Yeah, yeah, the ground work has been good for her, but it's just not the same. I can tell she misses the work too. She's been a different horse the last week and a half since HR started riding her and I started really working her on the longe again. So, after I gave Miss Thing a good 30-minute longe in side reins, I decided to hop on her for her cool down at the walk.

Sorry for the bad phone pic.

I'm probably over exaggerating that a bit, but it did actually feel really nice on my lower back and it was the best 15-minutes of walk I've had in a long time (trotting was tempting, but I resisted). Granted my 7-month pregnant belly sticks out quite a bit now and I certainly can't do my two point anymore without hitting the pommel, but I had no problems mounting or dismounting. In terms of riding attire, my lovely yellow fleece is the only outerwear that still fits me, and putting on britches is a joke! So, I decided to ride in my one pair of jeans that fit and throw on my old stretched out sued half-chaps. I was definitely feeling a revival of my old polo days in this get-up.

For anyone out there concerned about my safety, I did promise my husband that I would ONLY walk and only if other people were at the barn. So, you can imagine that I made sure to go when I knew someone had a lesson scheduled! Given that that someone was LB who happens to be a vet, I figured she'd be a good person to have around if something went wrong. After all, she does deal with horse babies all the time. That's pretty much the same thing right? Yes I have a horse riding addiction problem, I admit it wholeheartedly. :)

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Yeah, totally the same thing. Horse babies are actually probably harder cuz they're so much bigger.

  2. I'm impressed. Good for you.

  3. hahaha hilarious! Hey- I won't tell! I'm also not telling that my friend rode & CARRIED her 1 yr old the other day to see if she liked it. Now THAT is bad! But shh!!! Her husband was PRESENT for it too...taking video. With me in the background laughing saying "this is just wrong!" It's a "horse girl" thing.

  4. When I was hurt and couldn't ride, it was awful to watch everyone take care of her. That first ride back was priceless. Good for you... just be careful for both of you.



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