January 30, 2012

Tack Trunk Corners

My tack trunk corners arrived compliments of the USPS on Saturday! I had a heck of a time finding corners that were big enough for my trunk, as most corners are made for craft or cigar boxes or made of brass and are only and inch in size. Finding big nickel trunk corners was a challenge. However, eventually I discovered the existence of case corners! Case corners are intended to go on big amplifier cases so you know that they are burly. I found the ones I ordered on Ebay.com from cheapstudioracks and they arrived in about 3 days.

Just out of the package, seeing how they'll look.
They look great and are the right proportions for the trunk. They are 2.38" in size. However, they don't sit flush with the sharp corners of the trunk.
Milled corner.
Hubs determined that the corners of the trunk would have to be sanded down in order for the corners to fit flush. He'll varnish the exposed wood before finally attaching the corners. Our assumption is that the corners you see that have round bulb outs on them are made that way so that you don't have to round down the corners. Something to keep in mind if you are making your own trunk and want to avoid this step. However, I prefer the flush non-bulb look of these corners.
How they'll look once on
Once the new varnish dries, Hubs will attach the corners with finishing nails. There will be case corners on the four top corners and four bottom corners of the trunk. We are getting close, now I'm just waiting for Hubs to attach the handles and for the hasp latch and nameplate to arrive in the mail.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Your tack trunk looks AMAZING. I'll take one if you find yourself bored in the near future(:

  2. So exciting! I love homemade stuff. He did a really great job. I love how shiny the varnish made it. I'm glad you found case corners that worked and look great. :D



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