January 15, 2012

Hoof Pictures

I finally managed to take hoof photos this past Friday. Rose is due for a trim this coming week, so I might do a side comparison post next week. However, they still look pretty darn good for needing a trim! Her hoof flare is finally under control at long last, and that just makes me at warm and fuzzy. Her frogs and heels look terrific, and she remains completely sound. Plus, now that her hooves are so clean from the snow it donned on me that never noticed before that three of her feet all have white soles. Usually they all look black on the bottom from dirt!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Pretty feet!! That's cool that her soles are white lol. I wish my farrier would do a bevel (especially one as nice as Rose's) and the raise the quarters. I'm seriously considering doing some work on Chrome's hooves myself. Surely with a rasp I can't do too much damage lol.

    1. Yeah, the bevel is necessary with Rose to keep away the flaring that seems to develop if she goes too long without a trim or without the bevel, LOL!



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