January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

After two weeks away over the Christmas holiday, it was nice to stay put for the weekend and we had a lovely New Years Eve at home. As usual we hosted our annual party filled with friends, home made desserts, cocktails (for the non-prego's), and glittery dresses. I can't say that 2011 was a bad year, but I'm certainly looking forward to 2012 being vast improvement.

On New Years Day we slept in, did a bit of lounging, and enjoyed some beautiful weather. It had snowed a couple inches over the weekend, so we were blessed with sunny weather sparkling off the snow. It's always enjoyable to stand at our glass french doors sipping (decaf) espresso and watching cross country skiers elegantly glide past our house along the golf course. Personally, I require more than two inches of snow to put on my skis. Such is the luxury of taking for granted living in snow country and on a golf course. Anyway, after a leisurely morning it was time to spoil our animals a bit. Hubs and I headed out to the barn to visit miss Rose, drop off her feed, and take a few New Years photos. I know that some of you have been wanting to see prego photos, so without much adieu here they are (FYI I'm at 24 weeks, 6th month now).

With my pretty girl.

The full body shot.

Rose is certain that I'm smuggling treats under my sweater...not a baby!

Hubs and the girls. Roxy was in love at first sniff.

Sharing a bite with Rose. Hubs is such a goof!
After visiting Rose we took our dog Bourke for a good hike around snowfill dog park (about 40 hilly acres of dog heaven). He had a blast playing with all his canine buddies, and my non-riding prego body loved the workout. Once we were energized from our hike, the hubby got back to work on my tack trunk and I took a nap worked on the nursery for a while.

Hubs working away and adding the trim work to my tack trunk.
Tack trunk, all trimmed up. Next up: finishing & staining, then findings.
I hope you all had enjoyable celebrations and wish you and your equines all the best in the New Year.

Happy trails and swooshing tails in 2012!
• DS •


  1. Great pictures and beautiful horses.

  2. Your bump is too cute!! Happy new year!

  3. Those pictures are awesome. :D You both look great! You answered my question about your due date with this post hehe. I'm so excited for you. Have you decided on a name?



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