January 10, 2012

Ground Work Video

I really shouldn't get too giddy about the people door being a non-issue, but I do regardless. Anyway, now that we are seemingly past that annoying issue I take pleasure in every time Rose willingly follows me through the door. I think soon we can start attempting to go through it with tack again...but I'm still debating if I really want to go there or not. The big risk is having a set back if she hits the door jam with the saddle again.

Today we did a bit of longeline-free longeing. We had the arena to ourselves and about halfway through it occurred to me that I had my phone in my pocket and could attempt video. For a phone, the video turned out pretty good!

We also worked on touching the target some more, squaring-up, and standing or ground tying. Here's a clip of our "standing".

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Yay a video! I'll be right back to watch them. I'm at work so have to hurry. I just wanted to respond to you comment on my blog.

    I do need to take Chrome to different places. When we go walking we do always seem to go to the same places. I try not to go by the highway when it's really busy. I will try to start hauling him new places and walking him further to areas where we haven't been before. He does need the practice.

    My rope halter is homemade and it's a LOT softer rope than what most rope halters are. Also I rarely ever have to put any pressure on the halter. He's usually really good about keeping slack in the rope. I think that's one reason I was having problems in the flat halter because he was trying to snatch at grass and normally we walk on the road where there isn't any (can't do that on the highway obviously). So I'm going to take him to places where there is grass and practice on this not snatching thing. We've never had any reason to practice it before because we're normally on the road or out in my pasture where he isn't interested in the grass. I explain some more in my other comments on this post if you're interested. The reason I was using a rope halter is because it's so adjustable for while he was growing.

    I already have a stud chain that I got years and years and years ago and never used, but I can dig it out if I need some extra leverage to get his attention. How is the best way to use it? Where should I attach it? I think it's a short one, but I'm not going to go buy a new one since I already have this one. Anyway thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. :)

    1. DS, thanks, that's sounds familiar actually about how to put on the stud chain. I didn't know about wrapping the noseband to protect the nose so that's good to know. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. :)

    2. Awww she is so cute!!! Were you using a whip at all during the free longeing? She is so responsive. Yeah she was lazy, but she was still really responsive. I love how she kept looking at you as she trotted lol. I don't know if I just missed some signal that she was about to slow down, but it seemed like when you said "canter on" that she thought that meant slow down. At first I thought you were saying "and trot" lol, so wondered if she thought the same as I did. I could just be missing some signal that you could see of her slowing down. She did great in the ground tying too. I love how she follows you around with her head the whole time. :D Chrome just stands staring forward when we work on it lol. :) Keep up the awesome work!!

    3. I had the same thought when I watched the video the first time too, it does sound like I'm saying trot instead of canter on, so I've been just saying canter ever since. I do have a whip in my hand. If I didn't have a whip in my hand she wouldn't longe around me. Although I could probably use a dressage whip, I just need to have something in my hand. She's decided that the signal for her to go around me in circles. LOL!

  2. Cool! That's so awesome. She did such a great job. :D Aren't videos so helpful for catching things like that? I love it.



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