December 28, 2011

She's Alive!

As I drove to the barn this afternoon, I imagined that Rose may be covered in mud and looking a wreck. I also figured that she'd be standing in the far back corner of her new giant pasture (it's at least 20 acres, if not more) and refuse to walk to the gate. However, when I arrived I found a rather clean Rose sleeping in the giant hay pile along with Roxy and Molly (the Mule), while wise old Seequin stood guard. On all accounts the introduction to the mare herd was a non-event and all four girls have been getting along nicely. That is a thing that warms my heart. I'm so used to Rose's terrible fours at this point that when something as trivial as herd introduction goes well I'm over the moon happy about it!

The Girls
Sleepy Rose, slowly realizing who I am and no doubt debating
whether or not she's happy about my return.
My cute fuzzy Montana girl. She's much fluffier this year than last!

After cleaning Rose up we worked on the people door some more, did a little longeline work, and then played chase the tiger. She instantly remembered about the flag "target" and was all about it this time. It was nice to see that she remembered the game after only doing it once before and having a two week break.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. My mare is in a pasture with 3 other girls also -about a 10 acre space. They move as a herd, but seems more aloof than the geldings at our place, who tend to buddy up. Silly girls!

  2. She's so fuzzy cute!! I'm glad she remembered Chase the Tiger and enjoyed it. :D



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