December 21, 2011

People Vacations

The best part of being self employed is the vacation package. The worst part is that work seems to follow you on your vacation. Regardless, I've been away enjoying the first "vacation" that I've had in a long while. Last Wednesday, following Rose's trim and barn horse shuffle, I headed off on a road trip to Seattle for a girls weekend and to go wedding dress shopping with my step-sister. We had a wonderful long weekend, and she found a spectacular dress. I got to indulge in all my favorite ethic food that our town lacks, and I think my pregnant belly doubled in size over the weekend. I was even treated to a chance meet up with my old friends JI & BA, who just happened to be in the city for the weekend as well. They are the friends that helped me pick up Rose on that rainy Oregon night over two years ago.

After a thoroughly fun weekend I headed to the airport and flew to Jackson Hole to meet up with my husband, dog, and in-laws for a fun filled Christmas holiday. However, prior to that I had a layover in Portland, where by complete coincidence I ran into my old friend CD, whom I hadn't seen in over three years. Even more bizarre is the fact that we were on the same flight and assigned seats next to each other! The next week of my trip revolves around tasty food, Christmas presents, and skiing. I love Jackson in the winter; such a beautiful town filled with so many wonderful friends. However, I am slightly dreading the dirty mess of a horse I will be returning home to after two weeks away. I hope she's having a good time with Roxy in their new paddock and getting to be a wild pony with no expectations.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. I love Jackson! I've only been in the summer, though. Have fun! And Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like an awesome vacation. :) When are you due? I forgot. I'm excited for you.



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