November 9, 2011

The terribly frightening people door!

Rose was introduced to walking through people doors when we moved to Montana in April. For some reason (i.e. to keep the cold out) everyone around here uses people size doors to enter barns and arenas with their horses. Which is fine with me, but seriously, the doors should be wider and taller than regular people doors for this purpose. Surprisingly Rose has been just fine with them from the get-go, until last Thursday. She utterly refused to enter the arena.

My personal opinion of this sudden fright was that it is all attitude. It is her current baby trick to of the week to try and get out of work. Unfortunately my crop was inside the arena, so it took a bit of time and help from a passer by to get into the arena. Once in, we went in and out a few times. She more of bolted through the door than walked through it. Regardless she got through it and I had foolishly hoped that would be the end of it. Once under saddle she was perfect.

Yesterday, I only had time to groom and longe her. Instead of longing, what ended up happening was me fighting with her for an hour to get through a damn door and into the barn. Unfortunately no one was around to help this time. Eventually, after getting no where I tried a different people door, which happened to have a training flag/crop by the door, and I managed to get her through that one. We practiced a few times with little improvement. Without the crop she won't go through, with the crop she bolts through. I have a feeling that this stupid issue is going to plague us all week. Argh! Babies can be such fun...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Always something. Izzy had a cow about going around a corner in the road to the arena today. Nevermind that she had -just- walked through it 15 minutes ago. Silly things.

  2. Wow that sucks. Really strange that she suddenly decides this door is frightening. I would think a crop/flag would just make her more afraid of it (bolting) rather than solving the problem . . . unless she isn't afraid. I'm not sure. I've never had that specific problem. If I did I would just use clicker training, but she isn't clicker trained so I don't even know what to suggest. I really hope you figure it out soon.

    Oh almost forgot, did you look around to see if there is anything different about the door? Like a hose laying in front of it, a bucket or chair just inside the door, etc. Something out of place that might be unnerving her? Good luck!!



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