November 21, 2011

A Gatsby baby in a kill pen

The good news: Rose is now walking in and out of the people door without hesitation. Yea!

The bad news: It recently became public knowledge that Granville, a 2002 Gatsby gelding, 17.0h and branded RPSI in the kill pen in PA. Reportedly the rescue Another Chance For Horses originally was asking $800 for him until they found out who he was by. Now they want $6000 for a horse in a kill pen, that they won't let anyone look prior to sale. They do have recent video of him (jumping in a western saddle on a hard dirt road...ugh) on their very poorly designed website here: They are taking bids though and the highest recent bid over the weekend was only $4000 and they settled on that but then the buyer backed out when they wouldn't let her see him before paying for him. Can't blame her there. You can follow more about this on Gatsby's facebook page here:

He seems like a nice horse, and would probably be a very good buy. Nothing like a bright bay with chrome! Right about now, owning a 9 year old gelding sounds pretty good to me, but getting to PA is not really a possibility in my world right now, nor is forking out $$$. Some of you may know that I'm very much against horse slaughter, so the thought of one of Gatsby's get ending up on a truck to Mexico breaks my heart. Not to mention that this horse has shown and competed and has likely been given lots of different drugs (like bute) over the course of his life, which poisons the meat. Honestly, slaughter of performance horses is really really stupid in my book from a health standpoint alone, not to mention the cruelty aspect of it.

At this point I guess I will focus on my own Gatsby baby, and hope that something works out for Granville. I wish I weren't just a helpless spectator in this, but that's all I can be at the moment. That and spread the word. Maybe one of you are looking for a nice warmblood gelding with eventing potential to call your own? Andrea of Eventing a GoGo come to mind...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. OH! I SAW him on their facebook page last week and noted how great a horse he looked and posted him out. I'm not in the position to get a horse at this moment, even if he is only a couple hours from me. I hope he gets the home he deserves. The horse market is very saddening this days...

  2. AC4H is a bunch of assholes. I've had first hand experience with them and they are no better than the kill auction owners themselves. Ugh. This makes me sick.



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