November 21, 2011

An excellent Monday indeed

Today was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Perfect for riding. It is amazing how the sunlight is intensified by snow. As I lead Rose from her paddock to the barn I paused for a moment to appreciate the sunlight sparkling across the snowy fields, and the horses sound asleep in their hay piles.

Rose was an absolute gem today. All of a sudden, my well mannered sweet girl returned from the depths of wherever she had been the past couple of weeks. She was nice and quite in the cross-ties, great about the garage door, awesome under saddle, and then once again walked straight through the people door without hesitation. Given that my riding days are soon coming to an end for a while, it is nice to get to cherish days like today, and be thankful that I own such a sweet and talented mare. I just need to remember that when we are having an "off" day.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. So glad you had a great ride! Taking a mental snapshot of the event (as well as returning to read your Post) will help you remember when you are taking that special, upcoming "leave of absence". Hope you have a great holiday!

  2. I love days like that! I'm glad your sweet girl is back.



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