October 11, 2011

Rose's barefeet get a trim and we think about Andrea & Gogo

As I awoke this morning to a cloudy drizzly fall day, I was reminded of mid-winter in Portland. I shrugged off the dreariness, content in the knowledge that unlike in Portland, the mountain storm would soon pass and the sun would return. I layered up in some warm and waterproof clothing and tamed the excitement bubbling up within me as I headed to the barn. Rose was due for her 4-week trim this morning, something which I always look forward too. Standing in the cross-ties, I soaked in the morning hustle and bustle of our little barn and happily chatted away with my farrier about how good Rose's bare-feet were doing and I paused for a moment and quietly thought about Andrea and Gogo.

Andrea's blog; Eventing-a-Gogo was one of the first barefoot performance blogs I came across when I decided to try and keep Rose barefoot. Never having had a barefoot horse before, I knew almost nothing about it. I learned much from Andrea's trials and tribulations over the years and her knowledge of barefoot eventing. Without having stumbled upon her blog, I might have long ago succumbed to the "traditional" way of doing thing and have put shoes on Rose. Rose who is in full work and is completely sound on her rock hard awesome bare feet. So, I'd like to let Andrea know that she and Gogo are in our thoughts today, and we are ever so thankful that their blog came into our lives when it did. What Andrea is going through today is one of the hardest parts of horse (pet) ownership. Regardless that we try to do the most humane and "right" thing for our animals, when the moment comes, it is our hearts that break with the loss of a friendship that we are forever saying goodbye to.

Hug your horse today!

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  1. I thought I had all the sniffle out of me, but this post brought them back. Andrea and Gogo were an amazing pair and they did so much for so many people just by sharing their adventures. :)

    I'm glad Rose is doing so well barefoot. I still think barefoot is the best way to go. :)



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