October 25, 2011

Good bye cold, hello winter!

I woke this morning to 25ºF temperatures and frost covering everything. I was excited by the frosty temperatures, as it means snow and winter are finally on the way.  Call me crazy, but I love winter. I love frozen ground and lack of mud. I love the sun shining off the glittering snow. I love sweaters and hot chocolate. I love skiing and snowball fights. Most of all, I love winter in Montana. Now granted, if I didn't have an indoor arena, I might have more issues with winter, but as I have an indoor to ride in, I take great delight in the change of the seasons.

Rose...learning to winter like a Montana horse

Maximum Oregon winter coat length...keep on growing!
My cold has finally gone away, so I can breathe, function, and ride once again. Yesterday I headed to the barn to find a very fluffy Rose munching away on her hay pile. She skeptically watched me muck her paddock, while not moving an inch. Normally she follows me around and sniffs my wheelbarrow.  All I can imagine is that she focusing all her energy on growing more hair. Currently she's at her maximum Oregon winter coat. It is my hope that she will turn into a massive woolly mammoth before the real cold weather arrives. If not, I guess we'll have to deal with blankets. Normally I clip her, and do the blanket routine all winter, but since I won't be riding her past November my plan has been to leave her fuzzy and naked. We shall see.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Sounds like we're switching roles this year--I've never clipped and rarely blanketed before. Now I'm doing both.

  2. Yick I hate winter. I don't have an indoor though. It will probably be better this time since we won't have chickens this year. Thawing their water (or hanging heat lamps) is such a pain. Of course down south we are blessed with mild winters. :) Share some snow pictures when you get your first snowfall please. Snow is pretty even if inconvenient and we don't get much of it here.



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