September 19, 2011

Upping the work load

After discussing our current work load with trainer C, I've decided to up Rose's workouts to 4 days per week. She's definitely been enjoying having a break, and is finally gaining back the weight that she lost during her spring growth spurt. I'm surprised that she's gained weight so quickly after only 3 weeks at the new barn, after trying all summer to get it back on her.

My theories are thus:
1. She's happier so she's less anxious and not burning extra calories.
2. Her pasture mate had been running her off her feed at our old barn.

I'm guessing theory #2 is the most likely, as Rose is actually eating a little bit less hay (although she is being fed a lot of hay) than she was at our old barn (maybe the new hay is better?) and during the last month at our old barn Rose started coming in from turnout with missing hair and bite marks all over her hocks and rump. In the last few weeks she also started becoming sour in her stall toward her previously great pasture mate and they had to move her pasture mate to a different daytime stall. My guess is she'd always been getting run off her feed, but finally started making a stand against it, hence the stall attitude? Who knows. I was never at the barn in the evening to witness dinner time in the paddock. However, now she looks nice and round again and I think we can burn an extra hour of calories without the ribs coming back.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad she's doing so well at the new barn. :D



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