September 1, 2011

New barn search - win!

Yesterday was supposed to be move day, but due to a big thunderstorm and down poor earlier this week Rose's new paddock got sprayed for weeds a day late, which meant we had to delay our move. So, tomorrow is the big move day, and I'm pretty excited. Although our current barn is awesome, it is a good distance from our home, which makes multiple trips to the barn in one day difficult and very time consuming. The new barn is only 10-minutes door to door, and...drum has an indoor arena! No heat, like our current barn, but the indoor is insulated and reportedly stays at least 20ºF in the winter. Sounds down right balmy to me. Rose will be living outside 24/7 once again, and this time she will have her own paddock and run-in shed, but will be neighbored by other Oldenburg mares on either side, so she will still have a herd to keep her mind at ease.

I am crossing my fingers that this new barn works out well for us, as on paper it seems like our perfect barn. It's a more affordable price, close to home, small quiet private owner managed facility, Rose gets to be outside all the time, there is a big tack room, wash stall with hot water, grooming stalls, indoor stalls for emergencies/stall rest, two indoor arenas and an outdoor, riding trails from the property with a creek crossing, they feed my grain and lots of hay, and blanket. Unlike our current barn, trainers are allowed to come in and give lessons, and I can turn Rose out in the grazing pastures all alone whenever I like. Since we are so close to the barn I can turn her out, run some errands, and then bring her in on my way home. Thanks to the indoor, we can still work on ground work during her 4-year old vacation this winter. The owner of the new barn seems like an awesome person, and we share a lot of common interests in terms of our horses. She is a dressage rider, plays around with jumping, and breeds Oldenburgs. Currently has two adorable foals, one of which is an Oldenburg pony (love!), on the ground that are going to inspection in two weeks. Fingers crossed, Rose likes her new digs, because I am already in love with the place!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Sounds like a most excellent place. Glad you found it.

  2. Oh wow that sounds amazing!!! Everything except for the 20degrees in the winter - but clearly you cannot control that! Let us know how it works out! AND please take some pics of the Oldenburg pony!!!

  3. Sounds perfect for you & Rose. Post some pics!

  4. Wow that sounds amazing! I hope you and Rose both absolutely love the new place. I can't wait to read how the move went. :)



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