September 29, 2011

Mystery swelling

I have more or less recovered from our longeing incident on Monday, although I make sure to avoid doing anything that remotely puts me in front of Rose. Unfortunately when I went out to ride on Tuesday she had some swelling on her RH pastern so I cold hosed her, longed her and did not ride. She didn't appear lame on it at all, and there was very little heat, so I probably could have ridden but decided to play it safe. It appeared to me that she must have whacked herself on a fence post or something as the swelling was only on the outside along her canon bone. Yesterday evening I threw on jeans and cowboy boots and went out to check on her leg (our day off). The swelling was gone and she seemed in good spirits. Of course I didn't have my riding clothes on or with me. So she had a second day off. I'm hoping this afternoon the swelling is still gone and we can get back to work and get something productive out of this week.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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