September 15, 2011

MT Brand Inspection

Rose is finally, officially a Montana resident and can now move freely in and out of the state. I had been putting off doing her brand inspection, mostly due to accident. I simply put it at the bottom of my moving priority list and then conveniently forgot all about it. However, this week I decided to call the State Department of Livestock and get it done. This afternoon a very awesome old cowboy named Don met me at the barn. He looked over all my meticulously filed paperwork in Rose's binder (well, just her breed registration, health certificate, and coggins) and in a matter of 20 minutes or so, he handed me a lovely laminated card with her lifetime brand inspection on it and I handed him a $48 check.

Back side of card. Front side is a text description of Rose.

I was surprised by how simple the process was, especially since I was sweating bullets about the fact that I was supposed to have gotten it done within 30-days entering the state. Ugh. Like I said, it was low on my priority list as I wasn't anticipating moving her around or showing all summer. Regardless, I always suffer from massive amounts of anxiety when it comes to dis-obeying authority, so I was thinking up every thing that might go wrong or that I might get a fine, etc. But that was all for not. There was no issues with me having gotten it done late. However, had I known how easy it was and that such a cool cowboy would show up I would have gotten it done back in April! I love old timers and their stories. Definitely something to aspire to in the next 40 years.

Tomorrow is our first lesson since April (last weeks had to be rescheduled due to client meetings), so I am very excited. Rose was great under saddle today (and has been since our arrival - she seems to love her new home) so hopefully we will have a repeat tomorrow, and there will of course be a full report!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. I'm glad you got it done and it was easier than you thought. :)

    Have fun with the lesson!



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