September 27, 2011

Flash-back to 2010

I have been away for about a week, so Rose got some time off. Apparently she forgot she's a trained horse. So, I decided to longe her before our ride yesterday. Then suddenly we had a flash-back from 2010.

I thought I had posted about that, but it appears I didn't. I believe it happened before I started this blog. Basically back in early 2010 I was hosing Rose's muddy feet off while holding her by her lead rope. Somehow she managed to step on some plastic corrugated pipe that was in her vicinity, which spooked her, and she knocked me over and ran straight over the top of me. I don't recall if I had a helmet on at the time or not. She did manage to avoid stepping on me at least, which was certainly a good thing.

So what happened yesterday? Rose was well mannered and relaxed in the cross ties, regardless I thought it would be wise to longe her to loosen up her muscles if not burn off some extra steam. All groomed and tacked up we headed to the indoor arena. Just as I had run the longe line through her bit and over her pole, and was about to snap it to the far bit, she suddenly bolted forward, knocking me over and going about 30 feet before she stopped. There was absolutely nothing to spook about. In my opinion her action was all attitude. The unsnapped longe line simply slipped loose from the bit and the worse that came of me was a skinned elbow and hitting the dirt. Again, she managed to not step on me at all. This time I did have my helmet on though! So, no harm done really, but it certainly reminded me that regardless of her general good behavior, I still shouldn't trust her as much as I have started too. Basically I was lucky, and I seem to say that far too often with her. After her little stint, a rather guilty and remorseful looking Rose got a good workout on the longe with side reins and then a thoroughly tiring dressage school.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. I have had a similar experience with my horse except I was standing in front of her adjusting her bridle when she spooked. She stepped on my foot and we danced backwards several feet before she stopped. It resulted in a broken foot for me. :(

    I'm glad you were not hurt!

  2. Yikes!! When Izzy was younger and just learning to lunge, she got mad and charged at me with her ears pinned back. Fortunately, I jumped out of the way and hit her with the lunge whip as she went by. The behavior never resurfaced.

    That's so weird about Rose--Izzy was coming out of a situation in which she totally disrespected and ran over people all the time, so I understood the root of the behavior. The random thing would scare me a little bit.

  3. How bizarre. I'm glad you're okay and I hope she doesn't do anything like that again. Sheesh.



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