August 16, 2011

Oh, Monday

Today was Monday, and for a Monday our ride was pretty good. Right up until the last 15minutes of course. Not that anything drastic happened, Rose just got sick of working and started protesting. Too bad too, because otherwise I would have been very pleased with our ride.

As Rose had a long weekend off, and did not work much last week because due to her hoof chip, I decided to  longe her before our ride. She was a good girl, and then warmed  up nicely in the outdoor arena. We worked on suppling techniques and transitions. All was going well, so I thought I'd take her into the dressage arena for some shoulder-in work. Of course that meant dealing with the judges booth. Given that the birds have long flown the coop, she did well with the booth and it was a non-issue. That is until I decided to run her through Intro Test 3 before calling it a day. Then Miss Thing's four year old brain hit a wall. Again, she didn't have a melt down, but started pulling out her bag of tricks in protest and suddenly spooking at dressage booth for no reason. Most of our ride was good, so I'd have to say, "It was pretty good for a Monday"... I just wish I'd stopped 15 minutes earlier and then it would have been "Great"! Live and learn, and at least tomorrow is another day.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Awww, it happens. You'll learn as you spend more time together how long she can go before she gets too tired. Keep up the great work.



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