August 21, 2011

Jump Day with video

This week progressed well, we had a great flat day on Wednesday, and then I decided to set up a little course with some simple lines and jump her today. Rose was in a content hay munching mood when I arrived at the barn this morning. The weather was perfect, featuring blue skies, sunny, 70ºF, and a very light breeze. On average it's been in the 80's when I've been riding, so it the contrast was delightful. Sadly, the reality is that it means winter is on it's way. Which also means Rose's 4-year old winter vacation is on it's way too. I hope she enjoys it. I'm not looking much forward to losing my sanity over the winter. I really don't function well without riding regularly. But, I digress.

Rose was in a great well mannered mood, and the weather was perfect. We headed out to the arena, for a quick warm up and then to pop over some fences. After Monday's ride, I've made a concerted effort to give her more breaks and to keep our rides shorter. I set up the video camera and off we went. So, for your viewing enjoyment, here is Rose doing a little 1'-9" to 2' course (walk breaks omitted).

Ever since I free jumped Rose a few weeks ago, she has been more into jumping than ever before. I think it gave her confidence going through the jump shoot without a rider, and now she's totally all about jumping. For the first time ever, we had a buck/fart* moment after taking a little vertical long and ending up with what felt like a huge jump. It was definitely, an "I'm having fun" buck, not a malicious "get the hell off me" buck, but completely not okay regardless. She got a little reprimand, and then we took the fence again, and I could tell she was thinking about it, but didn't go there again. After that we jumped a few more jumps, working on that line a few times, and ended on a really good note.
*I have to admit I am amazed at either how loud her fart was or how sensitive my camera's microphone is!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. She is looking really good and does seem to enjoy her work. Way to stick with her was pretty big. :)

  2. That was quite the buck. Nice riding!

    Hadn't heard from you in a while, so I'm glad to see that Rose is doing super.

  3. Go Rose! She looks fantastic. :) She looks like a pro already hehe.

    That was a high buck. You rode it really well. I'm glad she's having so much fun with it. Keep up the great work!



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