July 31, 2011

Photo Friday

I had a good friend from Oregon visit me for a long weekend this week. She is a horse person as well, so she came along with me to the barn to visit Rose and I was able to beg a few action photos from her. So without further ado, I have some updated photos and a jumping shot at long last. Enjoy!

Jumping 2' vertical

At the trot

Rose & I
After looking at all the photos I'm amazed at how black Rose has remained due to night turnout. Usually she's faded to a dark bay color with black points by now. Love it!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Love the trot photo! She looks very balanced - still working toward that with my 4 yr od :)

  2. Love these!! She looks amazing.

  3. you guys look SO good together :D

  4. She is sooooo gorgeous! I love all of the pictures. What an amazing mover she is. Just beautiful. And I love that she's looking at the camera in the last picture. Smart girl. I'm glad your friend got some wonderful pictures of you two. You both look great!



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