July 28, 2011

On the Barn Hunt

I love our barn. It is beautiful, the grounds are huge and amazing, there really is no need to haul anywhere for what we do, and the staff takes immaculate care of the horses. However, this all comes with a very tidy price tag. Come October/November, Rose will be getting the winter off to unwind and grow some more. I hope she likes it because this will be her last winter off, or at least that's the plan. Given our near future lack of riding, it occurred to me that perhaps we should look around and see if we can get our needs met with a slightly more stomach-able price tag. So, that is what is on my schedule today. To check out a couple other local barns. There aren't many in the area with indoor arenas, so it's pretty slim pickings. However, since we won't be riding for the winter I figure we can do ground work in an outdoor arena covered in snow. So I'm checking out my options in that area as well. We shall see. Stay tuned for an update...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. But... but... Montana's so flipping cold. I wouldn't leave your heated indoor for the world.

  2. I can totally understand your reasoning for the move, but I bet it totally sucks. Will you be able to get back into the current barn when you're ready? Is there a waiting list? I bet Rose is going to love her winter off. :)



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