June 29, 2011

Oxer - check!

I had a lovely ride on Rose today. I converted last weeks course into a little 1'-9" to 2' vertical course plus one little oxer. It was a 18" oxer with an ex for the front rail. She jumped it without hesitation, and then as I was circling to come back to it she caught sight of the 2'3" flower box oxer that was set up, perked her ears and started to go for it. We didn't jump it, as I really don't want her jumping over 2' until next year, but how great is it that she's so willing to go for it? Here is a picture of our little oxer:

Rose's first oxer jump
I know that photos of jumps is not that exciting, so I am planning to have my dear husband come out one evening or weekend and take photos of the girl jumping. So hang tight...I'm dying to see some action photos too!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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