June 8, 2011

The Death Corner

Yep, today's ride was all about the death corner again. It only lasted about 45-minutes today, so that gave us a good 15 minutes of doing something productive. Progress I guess. Today I made sure to get to the barn late morning, before the afternoon rush, so that no one would be there to witness our debacle. In case you are curious, here is a photo of the death corner:

The "Death Corner"
My theory as to why it is so terrifying is that the sun shines in the window, onto the jump standards, which of course resemble a pile of rubble for which mountain lions would be living in. Again, I don't really think that Rose is scared of the corner, I think it is more that it's an excuse to rebel, evade work, and test my fortitude. She has no issue with the rest of the windows or the bleachers. Ugh. As SprinklerBandit commented; Bring on age 6! Hum, that's two years away....bring on the G&T's! At this rate, two years from now I may be attending AA meetings. Just kidding, but sometimes I wonder why I do this, and then I remember days like last Friday and I get a big ole smile on my face. She'll grow up eventually, and in the mean time she'll be out of heat by next week, and that will at least be an improvement.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. We have a death corner, too. I also have a 4 year old. lol. Some days he couldn't care less about the Death Corner. Other days, it is like there is a terrifying monster lurking there. Even though we work past it almost every single day! So yes, I say bring on age 6! And the G&Ts! (I also think it is a way to avoid work and act like a turd ... he rarely spooks at anything - even birds, deer, varmints, cars, tractors and various things on trail rides)

  2. Interesting... The standards by the fence in our indoor are also slightly terrifying. It's mostly funny because if I move the standards inside the fence, they're so much fun to jump.

    Horses some days. ;-)

  3. We also have a death corner -_-

  4. LOL Silly mare. Yeah two years is a long time lol. I'm champing at the bit just waiting a year so I can crawl up on Chrome's back for the first time. :) *taps fingers impatiently*



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