May 31, 2011

Rose et al, waiting for evening feed
I snapped this photo as I was leaving the barn this afternoon, and thought I'd share it. I love how they all hang out together. Rose and Goose (her grey mare buddy next to her) usually stand right next to each other in their stalls, sniffing noses and being content. They are also evening pasture-mates, so their love affair is in full bloom at the moment.

Rose rectified herself today by remembering she was four, and behaving herself. We had a rather enjoyable ride outside, including a nice solo walk around the grass track (does that count as a trail ride?). She did try to convince me that there was a horse eating lion in the dressage judge's booth, but that argument was short lived, and she got down to work. There was still a little bit of head tossing, but nothing like yesterday, so it was an improvement at lest. In the end, our ride was focused enough that we even managed to practice Training Level Test 1.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. I vote yes to track counting as quasi trail ride.



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