May 7, 2011

Riding Outside? Yes we can!

My husband doesn't understand why I'm making such a bit deal about it, but I rode Rose outside for the first time EVER yesterday! In addition, the conditions were not ideal, nor was it my first choice, but I decided to just suck it up and see what happened.

Thursday - Rose enjoying her freedom, and dry footing!
When I left my house I decided to throw on my britches, thinking that I would ride her if she was sound and all was well with her abscess drain hole. I arrived at the barn to find a clinic going on. I had know that Lendon Grey was doing a clinic all weekend in the indoor arena, but I'd simply forgotten that it started on Friday. Pulling Rose from her stall, her leg looked great, so did her heel bulb, and she was completely sound. Since she had galloped her hind end off the afternoon before and was still sound, I figured that it was safe to start riding her again. However, I couldn't use the indoor arena because of the clinic. To my dismay, no one else was riding outside, as everyone was watching the clinic. My plan for her first ride outside was to wait for a nice day, no wind, and to have a buddy outside with us. Unfortunately, none of those parameters were met yesterday.

After a quick FYI and a request to one of the stable hands that he keep an ear out for a scream and a loose horse, I walked Rose out the back door and to the very large, non-fenced, outdoor arena. She stood nice and still and let me mount. Then I let her get used to the sights and sounds, and wind, by walking her around the arena in both directions for about 15-minutes. After that we trotted in both directions, and since she was being cooperative and calm, we cantered for a bit as well. She seemed to really enjoy the springy footing and her gates felt great. In the end, we had a nice little 40-minute ride. Now that I know how well she does outside I cannot wait to ride her out there again.
Rose is very happy with her new daytime stall.
Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. She is such a good girl! Her stall is lovely too.

  2. I can see why she loves her daytime stall... it's beautiful! I'm glad to hear she's finally healing up and feeling much better.

  3. Wow, fancy digs for Ms. Rose. Glad she was so good for you.

  4. congrats! and gorgeous barn!

  5. Congrats on conquering the outdoors!



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