May 10, 2011

Review: Toklat's Ainsley Contoured Dressage Girth

The new girth
About a week and a half ago I purchased a new dressage girth at our local tack shop, Four Corner's Saddlery. I had been riding in an Ovation Airform Chafeless Dressage Girth. The only good thing I can say about that girth is that it functions, but I wouldn't recommend it. The nylon keeper straps broke the first week I used the girth, which resulted in the billets constantly getting off center. In addition, I'm just not a fan of "plastic/rubber" girths. It stayed pretty clean, as advertised, but overall it was a waste of money. However, it did manage to get me by until I found a quality girth that liked and could afford.

Close up of Billet Keepers

Now that Rose has managed to stay sound and injury free for a few days, I've finally gotten to ride her in the new girth a few times. I love it! It is Toklat's Ainsley Contoured Dressage Girth. I really love how they created the billet keepers. Below you can see a close up of how the billet keepers work. No nylon or leather strapping to break off here! The contoured aspect clears Rose's elbow area beautifully, and it is made with good quality leather and has nice cushy padding on the inside. I got a really good price on it at my tack shop, much lower than the website.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!



  1. The contoured shape looks really nice. And that looks like a really nice tack shop. Husband and I might just have to make a little road trip!

  2. Story: If you do make a trip this way let me know. Rose and I would love to meet you!

  3. Glad you found one you liked. I want to get a nice dressage girth, but they're all so expensive--$200+ for 24" of leather just hurts my brain.

  4. That sounds fun! I'm not sure why we don't get out that way more often. I mean, everything is far away in Montana, so Bozeman is no different lol.



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