May 4, 2011

Injury updates

Things are looking good. When I got to the barn today, Rose was back to normal and full of herself. There was no swelling or heat in her leg and she was walking soundly. Here is a pic of the hole where the abscess blew out.You can see it right at the hairline near her heel bulb.

Abscess 5/4/2011

As for the cut on her leg from 12-days ago, it is healing well. Here is a comparison pic from day one and from today:
Leg wound 4/23/2011
Leg wound 5/4/2011

Given that Rose was in good spirits, I decided to longe her rather than just hand walk her. Basically, she's not getting turn out until tomorrow night to avoid mud exposure, so I needed her to burn off some energy before she starts climbing walls. Boy did she need it too! Now that her feet are feeling better she put on a good show kicking up her heels, bucking, and farting. Normally I don't let her do that on the longe, but since she was feeling good I thought I'd let her blow off as much steam as she needed to. For good measure I iced her leg again afterward, and then I put her in her stall.

Yes, stall. My stress level can't deal with the 27/4 mud and paddock situation anymore. Our new barn has a night turn out option, which I think will work for Rose. Night time is always when she was grumpy being in a stall in the past, so with a little luck this new situation will work. Fingers crossed! I would really like this to work, so that we can finally settle into some sort of routine.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Oh, the niceties of horsekeeping. In? Out? How long? Where? I'm reviewing our options again, too.

    Rose's cut looks so much better. Hope you're back in the saddle soon.



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