May 26, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Rose!

Yesterday was Rose's 4th birthday. It's funny how these things sneak up on one. I had grand plans to make her a horse cake, but that all failed due to a busy week. Then, as it turned out, my day got crazy busy so I only ended up with one hour free to spend with her. But, she got a tasty apple, and a good grooming session and a quick longe.

Rose - being entirely uncooperative about her
birthday photo.
Unfortunately her caps are still hanging on to her incisors, so I am still not riding her. I am debating buying a hackamore for this sort of a situation. Unfortunately our tack shop doesn't have one in stock and my big fear is that by the time I order one and it arrives her caps will have come off and we'll be back to our regular bridle. What is one to do?

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Rose! Hopefully her caps fall out soon! A hackamore is still fun to use every once in a while, so even if they fall out before you were to get it, you would probably still get some use out of it. Although, a halter and clip-on reins could possibly work as well (depending on how she is.)

  2. Happy birthday, Rose!

  3. Happy Birthday Rose! 4 is such a grown up girl.

  4. Happy Birthday Rose!! Time sure flies by, doesn't it?



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