April 24, 2011

Now what?

The Good:
Rose's leg is healing really well. The swelling in her hock is nearly gone, and the scab is already starting to peel.

The Bad: 
While we were walking her to the barn this afternoon she seemed a little bit off on the front. After checking for rocks (there were none) and then a careful inspection of her front limbs, I noticed that she has a small nick on the inside of her right front coronary band, right at the transition to the hoof. It looks to me like she might have stepped on herself. My big concern is that it is currently mud season and there is no way to keep her out of it for the next month. If it gets infected I'm not quite sure what my options are. However, I'm not sure that that was the source of her being slightly off. I decided to clean it up and do what I can for her for now and see how she is in the morning. Argh! Why do stabling transitions have to be such a stressful process?

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Are you sure its a nick and not where she might be blowing an abscess? I would probably soak it a day or two and see if that helps with any tenderness. I find globbing Corona on a place like that will at least deter a lot of gunk getting in there. Its a PITA to clean off but at least it keeps it reasonably cleaner. Good luck! Glad her back leg is looking good.

  2. Haha, of course. Izzy gashed her leg the second day we were at the new place. So much drama.

    Hope it goes well.



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