April 23, 2011

Here we go again!

Things have been going well since we arrived in Bozeman last week. Rose has been settling into her new barn and new routine nicely.

Then I got a call from the barn manager.

Rose scraped herself up getting either cast along a fence or messing about in the aspen grove. It has been 10 months since she last seriously hurt herself, which has to be some kind of record, so I should be happy about that I suppose.

The BM did not think it required the vet, or my immediate presence, so I finished up with the work deadline I was on and then headed to the barn. What you see in the picture is what it looked like when I arrived Thursday morning, after a hosing off. For the most part, it seems superficial; it did not go all the way through her skin, so no stitches were required. Aside from that, the only other damage was a swollen hock, most likely from banging on whatever she was caught up in. She is completely sound, and if I were not so nice, I suppose I could still ride her. However, I figured a few days off would be fine, to let the swelling go down and the scab to heal over. Right now, I put her on some bute for the swelling, and I'm cold hosing and cleaning it up daily. She is not a roller, which is handy in terms of keeping wounds like this clean. I have found that wrapping the hock area is somewhat impossible. So far, I am not too concerned about it, as the swelling is going down and she is sound. However, if the swelling gets worse or she goes lame I will be calling the vet ASAP. My biggest concern would be her getting an infection.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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