March 7, 2011

We're back

It's always weird for me to say I'm home because, really, Bozeman is my home, not where I live now. So I guess I'll say that I'm back. It was nice to see Rose yesterday, although I didn't ride her since I was very tired from our long drive. I just groomed her and played beauty shop and she seemed quite content with that. I did have to remind her of who I was though, when she was wiggling all around in the cross ties and then quite absentmindedly ended up stepping on my entire foot (no broken toes this time though). After a little discipline she remembered that I am alpha mare and focused on her really hard task of standing still, getting groomed, and eating treats. I do ask a lot of her, that is for sure!

On all accounts she was good for BA while I was gone, with the exception of the start of their lesson on Saturday. Why crazy Saturday behaviour?

Rose was:
  1. In heat (although BA was unaware of this).
  2. The horses were turned out in the paddock next to the arena thus causing Rose to be extra excited.
  3. She's a baby and likes to get her play on.
BA was not expecting Rose to behave how she was about to since she'd been really calm and quiet for her all week (my bad...I forgot to mention to BA that sometimes life's a bit more exciting around the barn on Saturdays and Rose will attempt to act like a crazy baby so plan on longeing her first). Apparently when BA hopped on, Rose was very hot and trying to do little baby sort of rear/crow hops. BA and my trainer got her in line quickly though, with a little longeing and then all was well and they were able to go on with the lesson.
It is so easy to forget how young Rose is most of the time, because for the most part she is so well behaved and easy to work with under saddle. That is until her usual routine is disturbed and then it is so clear that she's not yet four. I am very much looking forward to age five...but then I'll be looking forward to her turning seven I'm sure! At any rate, I'm glad that BA was able to handle it so well and still enjoyed her lesson. As for me? I'm looking forward to getting back on my girl on Wednesday and getting ready for the show on Sunday. Should be lots of fun!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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