March 27, 2011

Saturday Lesson: Recap

Its funny when you raise the bar, how much more work you suddenly realize you have to do! Yesterday's lesson was better than last week in a few ways, but there is still A LOT to work on. I love that Rose is so smart that she remembers lessons quickly, and when she "gets it”, it generally sticks. However, she is also stubborn at times. Yesterday was one of those times.

The good:
1. Upward transitions were much better - she is listening to lighter aid and responding more quickly.
2. She is out of heat so she was less fidgety and cranky than she has been all week.
3. When she was focused and listening, she was balanced and amazing (that was probably 10% of our ride).

The bad:
1. She is doing everything that she can to focus on everything else, and trying to ignore me.
2. She is getting frustrated that I am insisting she listen.
3. She is so frustrated about this that she is stubbornly doing everything she can to continue to ignore me.

I know we'll get past this current little meeting of the minds, given that eventually I always win because I never let her stop until I do, but lord it takes everything out of me. I am very sore today...and I am sure she is too. She was dripping in sweat and foam by the end of our lesson. Silly mare, it would be so much easier if she just listened and did not fight me the whole time! We will get there, eventually...I just keep telling myself that. In the mean time, I cannot wait to get her out of the arena and on trails. I think it would be a good mental break for her.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Sounds like she and Izzy are in the same phase right now. Yay... good luck.

  2. ooohh I know that feeling all too well with the youngsters... just don't get too frustrated by it. Just keep it black and white and don't lose your temper and she will soon learn its easier to do as your told than act up shes only fighting herself



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