March 30, 2011

Oh the HEAT!

What? What did I do?
Spring heat has arrived, and I'm not talking about the weather. Our ride Sunday was an improvement on Saturday's lesson, so I was happy about that. What was interesting about our ride happened before we warmed up.

When I arrive at the barn Gatsby was being ridden/shown to some potential breeders. This was a good thing because I got to chat with his dad, whom I haven't seen in a while, and I got to watch Tracie ride him. He's just so beautiful under saddle (or otherwise). Once he was underway I pulled Rose from her paddock to get her groomed up. As I put her in the cross ties she started doing a stupid little impatient rear thing! I turned around. Straight in her line of sight was Gatsby. "Ugh" I said to Rose "Seriously? He's your father, knock it off". The funny thing is, I was worried that pulling her out would disturb Gatsby, not the other way around. Gatsby didn't even seem to notice that Rose was alive.

Rose on the other hand was ridiculous.

About that same time our newest addition to the barn, 17.2h and very handsome Trucker was pulled from his stall and put in the cross ties down the aisle in front of Rose. Good lord, it was like waving a candy bar in front of a toddler and telling them they couldn't have it. She LOVES Trucker. I ignored her antics for the most part, grooming her and tacking her up. Gatsby finished his ride and got put away and Trucker went into the arena for some ground work, so she settled down. When we were ready, we went into the arena to mount up. She was a good girl about mounting, but as we walked a few strides with her staring intently at Trucker, she suddenly stopped and peed, with me on her! Rose won't even pee in the cross ties or during ground work in the arena, and certainly not while under saddle. Unless she is on stall bedding, she will hold it all day long before she will pee. All of this added up in my mind and I resigned myself to that fact that she was indeed in her first FULL BLOWN HEAT of the season. Oh mare!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Everyone elses mares except mine. And I need mine to so we can get some Gatsby sent to Alabama if you know what I mean :) Love hearing about him! And think its hilarious Rose was into him LOL oh Rose, if you only knew he was daddy!!

  2. Ashley she'll get there! Hopefully the Regumate will do the trick and you'll be getting some of Gatsby soon! I love reading your updates on the process.

  3. My mare is only interested in other mares when she's in heat. What's up with that, anyway?



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