March 12, 2011

Equine Performance Minerals Best of Show - Equine Mineral Nutrition

I was recently asked to review the new Zinpro Equine Mineral Nutrition DVD. I have to say I was honored to get such a request, and I love reviewing products, so here goes:

I have to say that I've never watched a DVD about horse nutrition, so I din't know what to expect. Most of my knowlege is based on things that I have learnt from various barn managers or trainers over the years, supplemented with my own independent research. Never was this information provided to me in an overall view, but rather in piecemeal form in regard to specific nutrient needs given certain problems at specific times.

I wish I'd been given this DVD the day I brought Rose home.

I found the DVD to be very informative without being too technical, covering a broad array of nutritional requirements. It covers the importance of water (thrilled they included this), roughage, grains, and minerals. This would be a great gift to gift to give any new horse owner. It is, of course, an advertisement for their specific product, which they point out is in the ingredients of many different feeds already, and might be in your current feed. However, the overall information present was really well covered and would certainly cause a new horse owner (or a seasoned one) to pause and look at the ingredients in their feed. I know that I just looked for the feed tag from my LMF (but couldn't' find it). I'll have to check if I have it at the barn, but I know that I saved it and have my feed tag somewhere. Given my own reaction I'd have to say that from an advertising point of view this DVD = brilliant.

From a graphics and presentation point of view, I think they did a great job. The graphics look great, there are lots of pictures, and the menu is really easy to understand. So I'd give this DVD 4-stars, and would recommend picking up a copy of it. You can order a free one on their website by clicking here.
Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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