February 4, 2011

Thrush Off...this stuff works!

I just put in an order for two more bottles of Thrush Off. The stuff isn't cheap, $11.95 for a tiny 2oz bottle...which applied every day to all four feet will give you a week and a half supply. However it works AND unlike others it's not a carcinogen. I also like that it comes with a tooth brush for application. It took me a while to figure out that is also the best method to apply Durasole as well,  given that their instructions are not very helpful. Gold star for Thrush Off customer relations! Previously I've used Durasole to dry up thrush problems and to prevent potential abscess development after trimming, and it does work. However I don't like the idea of handling a known carcinogen nor applying that to my horse. It also stinks because of the formaldehyde, and the purple stuff in it stains everything.The day I got a speck of it flicked into my eye (they do say to wear safety goggles when applying) was the last straw with that product. Thank goodness for eye flushing practice in high school chemistry!

In my efforts to avoid carcinogenic agents, and after Rose's initial bout of thrush appeared to clear up, I thought I'd try to just maintain thrush prevention with a home remedy of  Sugardyne (a mixture of sugar and Betadine). That did not work, and wow did the thrush ever come back big time! Now it could be that I just didn't make it right. As such, I wouldn't stand by the fact that it didn't work and I'd love to experiment more with it, however a thrush outbreak during training just doesn't seem like the time or the place. So I got back on the internet and started looking for other thrush products, and that's when I found Thrush Off (not to be confused with Thrush Buster) on the Dover Saddlery website. 

Rose's thrush started clearing up after the first application, coupled with the delightfully dry weather we've been getting and repeated treatments the thrush is nearly all gone and she is growing healthy frog back! I am very much looking forward to her trim next week to see those frogs cleaned up and officially say farewell to this annoying thrush issue.

*Bonus: Thrush Off's purple color washes off and it's antibacterial nature should also work for our abscess prevention post trim routine.

Happy trails and swooshing tails


  1. I should recommend this to my boss. Her 29 year old horse has chronic thrush.

  2. Thank you for the information. I've been using No Thrush for Dee's feet lately but find the powder difficult to get into some areas. I am going to try using Vetericyn on the remaining trouble spots but if I fail to see improvement this product sounds like a good candidate.

  3. Carcinogen? I've got a bottle of that stuff lying around somewhere (a failed attempt to prevent winter abscesses). Guess I'm going to toss it.

  4. Something cheaper and easier than Thrush Off is salt water. It works great and helps toughen the soles too. Just put salt in a spray bottle, fill with water, shake well and spray on the bottoms of the hooves, making sure to get down in the grooves. It can be used to kill and prevent thrush. I'm not surprised at all that the other homemade stuff caused a flare up . . . sugar?? Bad idea!



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