February 6, 2011

Our first trail ride - and a little worse for wear.

The dry weather the past few weeks has had me dreaming of trail riding. The ground has actually dried up so my fellow boarder JM and I decided to head out the front gate of our barn on Saturday and take her gelding Rio and Rose for Rose's first trail ride. It started out nice an calm and Rose was looking around but happy to be doing something different. As we were walking down the barn's asphalt drive...


Rio got startled, but stayed in one spot. Rose spooked from the combination of Rio and the birds, and as luck would have it the asphalt was little bit moist from a sprinkling earlier in the morning. Rose lost her footing (so much for barefoot traction) and we both went down in a scrambling heap onto the driveway.

The worst of it - road rash
The whole thing happened in a split second. One moment I was aware of the birds, and the next I was in the fetal position on the ground with my eyes shut and praying that I didn't get stepped on. Rose did a great job avoiding my appendages, and aside from some road rash on my shoulder and a couple bruises on my right leg, we both managed to come out of it okay.

Rose got back on her feet, managing to avoid stepping on me, and just slowly meandered a few feet away with a rather stunned look on her face that said "what the h@#l just happened?" After a quick assessment that nothing was broken on myself or Rose, she let me catch her and then stood nice and quiet while I remounted from the ground, and then we continued on our little trail ride. For the most part she just walked nice and quiet. There were a couple head tossing/hopping moments when she saw the neighbors horses in their paddocks and got a bit excited, but she listened and settled down easily.

Although I could have done without the "horse falling under me" asphalt incident, I am very pleased with how calm Rose was immediately after. She didn't bolt or take off for the barn, or the busy road, and she was good about letting me get back on and continue on our way. I also have to say that my helmet did a great job. While I was aware of every part of my body hitting the ground, my head is the one thing that didn't feel like it made contact with anything. So, big gold star for my IRH ATH SSV helmet! Definitely something to never leave home (barn) without. I've very much looking forward to the next trail ride, which will hopefully be without incident.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Glad you both survived (mostly) OK - very scary. And if your head hit the ground, be sure to replace your helmet - glad you were wearing one.

  2. Ouch! Glad you're both mostly ok and that your helmet did its job. Eep!

  3. Oh owie! Glad to hear you are still looking forward to the next trail ride...that's definitely a good sign!

  4. Riding on cement/asphalt usually causes me to put a crease in my saddle. Steel shoes and that slick surface just don't go to together in my mind.

    Glad you both escaped fairly unscathed, and the ride was positive overall.

  5. I had the same thing happen once. It's amazing how FAST it can happen. I'm glad you were both okay, and kudos for not letting that stop you from going out!

  6. You rock. Honestly, I'm not at all sure I could have gotten back on. I know you don't have the same confidence issues that I do, but nevertheless, you fell with your horse, and that's a big deal. And you still had a nice ride. That's what I need to keep in mind as the takeaway.

  7. Just found your blog and started my own haha... but fair play missus! Nice to see she behaved herself and didn't mess about after :D



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