February 2, 2011

New Page - Tack for Sale

So I have a saddle for sale and you can read all about it on my new page "For Sale" . If you are interested you can email me at dock.start (at) gmail (dot) com. It's a great saddle, but it will never fit Rose, so it's time I said goodbye to it and start looking for a wide or exchangeable gullet 17" or 17.5" close contact. I'm happy to trade for such a saddle as well!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. That saddle is very similar to mine. Mine's a World Cup, but otherwise...

  2. If I was going to turn Dee into a hunter I'd totally buy it. I keep thinking of making a tack for sale page but chicken out every time I start trying to figure out how to pack and ship stuff. Love your new header btw!

  3. Sorry, no "tally ho" saddles for this guy. But if I hear of anyone in the market for one, I'll steer them your way.

  4. Thanks Story! Denali's Mom inspired me to mix thing up a bit. BR: Come on now, Smokey would look smashing in a velvet head saddle!



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