February 28, 2011

Much like parenting?

My husband and I are currently on vacation in our beloved Bozeman, Montana. In the past, a vacation for me always has meant a vacation for Rose. However, in light of show season, I though it best for her to stay in work whilst I was away. I decided to ask my dear friend BA if she would like to ride Rose in my abcense. She was delighted by the offer and instantly took me up on it.

The week before I left BA came out to the barn one evening and we went through "the routine" to cover any little quirks that I may have in regard to Rose and for her to ride Rose from start to finish. In the past I've always hopped on Rose first to get her warmed up and head in the game before BA rode her. However, Rose has come a long way since BA rode her last and BA is a very competent rider, so I knew that there wouldn't be any issues, even if I was scared to death that there might be.

So with a deep breath, I let go of any concerns and hopped in our truck headed for the mountains. I was delighted Sunday night to get a text from BA that "she had her second ride of the weekend on Rose and all is well with her". I'm so glad that my friend is having a good time with her and that she's behaving. I imagine that this is much like being a parent and leaving your kid with a friend the first time so that you can go out to dinner with your husband. I know that in my absence Rose will be fine at the barn, and I know that she will be fine with BA, but until that bridge is actually crossed it is a bit scary!

So, I'm looking forward to the rest of my vacation. I'm checking out local barns in the area while I'm here and putting my old collegiate saddle up for sale at the local tack shop. I think it will do a better job of selling here than at home, simply because there is less supply of quality used English tack here. I do however look forward to getting home and getting Rose ready for her first recognized show on March 13th.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. They're like our children! I have a good friend, Rachel, who frequently rides Ozzy. She's a great rider and Oz loves her, but I still find myself coaching her the whole time. I'd have a hard time letting even her ride him if I was away.

  2. Hope the rest of your vacation goes great. I left my mare's daily exercise in the hands of a friend last fall when we went to Utah. She just longed and hand grazed her but I was still so nervous! But they got along great and I think my girl had a fun week with a new friend.

  3. Hooray vacation! Good luck with the saddle.

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel!! When I first started having my trainer exercise Ella during the week when I was out of town I was sooo nervous. The funny part is my trainer is wayyyy more competent than me. I should be more nervous about ME riding her hahah! I guess it's just because we love them so darn much!!



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