January 25, 2011

Show prep begins...T-24 days!

The first schooling show of the year has finally been announced (well actually the second, but the previous one was canceled due to lack of entries). We are looking at February 19th & 20th. At the very least I want to do two of the Intro tests on Rose, but maybe one Intro test and one Training Level if she's ready. Our first recognized show will be in March, and there is only Training Level and above at that show, so I'd like to see if maybe, just maybe, we can tackle Training level. If not, there is a 4-5 Mare Material class at the March show, so at the very least I'll definitely take her in that class. However, I think we can do it.

We've been practicing Intro B mostly, as that is the only test I've memorized, and we've started doing the Training level canter half circles...but I haven't actually practiced any of the tests. I am usually alone when I ride so having a reader isn't a possibility. I've resigned to the fact that I'm just going to have to get my old brain to start memorizing things again. My goal for this week will be to memorize and practice Training Level Test 1. I won't be expecting a perfect ride, but at least to start memorizing the pattern.

Rose has completely stopped balking at the canter. Her back seems happy once she's warmed up and she's been very calm and quiet for the last week. So much so, that when Gatsby's owners arrived at the end of our ride on Sunday I had his Mom hop up on Rose. They looked great together and she had fun. A set of spurs might have helped though, as Rose had already worked and was tired and was being VERY lazy. It was the second time she'd gotten to ride one of Gatsby's babies, and she was just thrilled about it. Hopefully next time Rose will have a bit more energy for her though.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. How exciting!

    I always memorize my tests, because I'm too dumb to ride the horse and listen to the reader at the same time! I find it very helpful to visualize myself riding the pattern over and over. Good luck!

  2. I remember tests too. Then again, I have a freaky memory for stuff like that (and license plates).

  3. We have to memorize ours over in eventing land :) It's not that bad.

    Glad to hear Rose is no longer balking at the canter! I have had similar issues with my barn owner's young horse, who I am just finishing up with putting 30 days on (including her first rides). The other day I was able to get some beautifully forward trot and when I asked for the canter she just stepped right into it...very exciting for a pleasure-bred QH who reeeally didn't like the word "forward" when we started.

  4. Back in the day I used to memorize my tests and have a reader... my reader wasn't really needed, but you just never know.

    Show season is almost here!! YAY!

  5. Rose was fantastic for me! Thanks for the opportunity!



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