January 29, 2011

No backing out now!

I have officially registered Rose and I in the February schooling show! Now that I know it is really going to happen, I have a slightly elevated heart rate and a lump in my throat. I know that it will be exciting, one way or another. Either she'll be crazy bouncing off the walls, and it will just be a good learning experience for her, or she will be calm and chill and it will be a good learning experience for us all. That is the whole point of this show though, to see how she'll be before the real show in March.

This is also my first dressage show ever, and as an overachiever I get terrified at the prospect of failing something or doing anything less than perfect. I did a couple one day eventing trials back in the summer of 2000, which incorporated dressage tests, but that is it. My horse and I at the time (Bronze Gal) did great, for novices that were just starting to learn dressage and a horse that didn't like to walk (she had the OTTB jig). I recall our scores being okay though, I think we got lower 60's.

Given that it's been a LONG time since I filled out an entry form, I had to reel myself in. I am accustomed to entering in 2-3 classes per day, but Rose is not ready for that, and I can just picture my husband's head exploding at the cost...even at the lower schooling show rates. So, one class per day and stabling for the weekend. I honestly think that just being there will be the best experience for her. We are going to haul in Friday night, show Intro B on Saturday, and do Training Level 1 on Sunday. I plan on hopping up and just walking her around the grounds for a while on Saturday so she gets nice and accustomed to the scene. Hopefully my ride time won't be first thing in the morning. I keep picturing the chaos of a hunter/jumper show, and everyone tells me that dressage shows are WAY different and much quieter. We shall see. This will also be a good exercise in braiding. I know that you don't need to braid for schooling shows, but I need to practice up on my dressage buttons before the March show...and I'd like her to get used to wearing them too.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see how it goes :)

  2. That's exciting. Remember to breathe. Something new and it must be instinctual to hold one's breath. LOL

    I am a perfectionist too. I have learned over the years that setting realistic goals helps me not get caught up in that "perfect" trap. Makes things easier on me AND my horse.

  3. As a fellow overachiever, I am glad that I have no desire to show. But I can relate, as I am very competitive in Western Gaming.

    Hope it goes well. Try to relax, and use the schooling show for what it is...practice. And remember, riding a horse is supposed to be FUN.



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